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Welcome to Simple Trader World!


                                      Here you can understand about "LTS - LOGICAL TRADING SYSTEM"

No Indicator Required

No Chart Patterns Required

No Technical Analysis &
No Fundamental Analysis

  • Learn how to trade by understanding other traders decisions.

  • Join with me for a live market analysis during market hours through telegram live stream.

About Simple Trader

  • Suresh Aka Simple Trader (People call me “ST”)​

  • I worked in IT sector for various Govt. Entities in Gulf country. I started my trading at 2015.

  • Currently I’m a full time trader trading mostly Nifty, Bank Nifty. Also investor in DFM Market.

  •  I trade mostly options buying.

  • I trade without any indicator's, chart patterns, Options chain, News.

  • My way of trading is entirely different from  the traditional way.

  • I trade by understanding other traders decisions in the price chart.

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