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STMP - Simple Trader Mentorship Program

What you can learn in the STMP:

1. Introduction about "LOGICAL TRADING SYSTEM (LTS)". Understanding how to analyze other traders decisions & how to make profit out of it.
2. Understanding the Market structure for day trading.
3. Understanding the effective way of trend analysis.
4. Understanding the effective way of momentum analysis.
5. Learn to how to find the trading zones independently.
6. Understanding the Simple Trader Trade Setups ( BOF, BOL, TRBO, BOS, 3 Swing Trend & Few other logical concepts).
7. Understanding how to split the price charts and find the trade opportunity.

STMP Plan:
Day 1: April 8th, Saturday 10 am -1 pm
1. Learning a
bove points 1 -5.
2. Practice session.

Day 2:  April 9th, Sunday 10 am - 1 pm
1. Learning above points 6 &7.
2. QA.

Highlight in STMP:

Those who enrolled for a mentorship will be getting 1 (ONE WEEK) OF LIVE TRADING SESSION through Telegram. Where I will be trading along with you.

You will be added to WhatsApp group for Lifetime 

Session will be conducted in English.

Any Queries: WhatsApp - 9843598669

WATCH Previous Batch Mentees Feedback

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