2 Simple Habits To Improve Your Self - Discipline

I really don't know what is self discipline till I finished my College.

I never been a self disciplined person. I do whatever I want and whatever I think. I really don't have any goal in my mind.

  • I never attended first hour of morning classes.

  • I never played first set of volleyball match (Yes, I'm a district level volleyball player 🙂)

I always late, I didn't do this on some purpose. This was my nature. I don't have any seriousness in anything.

  • I never cared about anything. I know my professor will give me low internal marks if I miss the classes regularly.

  • I know my coach will not select me as playing 6 in volleyball match.

But I don't care. And I never bothered about it.

With this mindset and poor discipline I started my Trading 😃

Think What will be my results. Yes, Full of F*******.

During that time, If you asked me "Name the word which Starts with F",

My answer is definitely "Failure". I faced so many failures - Watch this video to know about my journey

Later I realized, Self discipline is the one important aspect I need to focus more to survive in the stock market.

I started from zero. Here is my suggestion for you to start from today.

1. Begin Something - Set a goal.

Eg: I will give example related to trading.

Set a goal of to trade 100 BOF trade setups.

2. Finish what you begin.

Finish your goal of trading 100 BOF Trade setups. It is easy to begin something. It is really difficult to finish something. But you must do this to attain self discipline.

To keep it simple,

- Begin something - Set a goal.

- Finish what you begin.

I wish you all the success dears.

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