An Art of Winning Without Trying

Updated: Feb 20

Wondering How to win anything without trying?

This article is for you.

Let's understand what is "Trying"

According to Cambridge Dictionary, It says as below

Everyone has their own "GOAL"

And most of us are "Trying" to accomplish our "GOAL"

Is there is any wrong in that?

- No, Absolutely not. Setting a Goal and moving forward to it actually good.

But how can we reach our goal (we consider reaching our goal is winning) without Trying.

We can do that.


I'm a student of "Taoism" Philosophical thoughts. (You can google it later)

Taoism Masters says,

When we tied our present moment with our goal, then more anxiety builds in our mind.

Our mind will start thinking about results rather concentrating to present situation.

It will think about,

- What if I perform badly?

- What if I failed in between?

- What if something goes wrong?

These questions will not let us to perform our present task. ( As a human, We only have a control of present, We don't have any control of past or future).

May be it sounds strange for you, Let me give an example.

Consider you want to reach the top of the mountain (Your Goal).

If you reach there, you will be happy (Winning moment).

You start from the base,

If you keeping an one eye of the top of the mountain and one eye on your path, do you think you can reach the top?

- No right, It is not possible.

If you think What If I cannot reach the top of the mountain, What if I fall down from middle?

What others will think if cannot reach the top? Will these thoughts will help you to reach the top?

- No right, It is not possible.

"The burden of the future often negatively affects our performances"

So How we can win without trying?

It is really simple than "Trying" hard.

Just concentrate on present moment.

Do not think about winning or losing, because if desire for winning arises, along with an aversion to losing will also arise. That will affect our present performance.

So, Don't think about end result. Just act to the current state.

Taoism call this as " Nature of Flow State" or " Wu Wei"

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