How to Control the Emotions while trading?

Updated: Apr 15

I conducted the below poll in Telegram Channel, Asking What is the biggest problem in their trading?

Almost 50% of the traders feels that, Not controlling their emotions in the live market is the biggest problem in their trading. It makes me to address this problem.

What is Emotions?

According to Wikipedia,

In Simple words, Emotions is the byproduct of our Thoughts, Feelings and behavioral responses.

Let's see what are all the major emotions we go through during trading.

  1. Fear

  2. Greed

  3. Excitement

  4. Hope

  5. Boredom

  6. Frustration.

Above is the emotion illustration I can see in the chart.

At any given day, Traders including us goes through lot of emotions in the trading. We cannot control the emotions because our money is at risk.

Instead of controlling our emotions, How about understanding the other traders emotions.


- Traders emotions leads to their decisions,

- Decisions leads to orderflow,

- Order flow leads to price movement.

You can ask me is it possible to understand the other traders decisions,

My answer is YES, I'm doing it for last few years. Believe me it is easy than learning indicators or any other trading style.

To conclude, Don't try to control the emotions while trading. It is almost impossible,

Try to feel the other emotions. Because we are going to make profits from others emotions.

Stock Market is the Zero Sum game. No mercy :) Play well.

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