Meditation Through Trading!

Are you wondering how to do meditation through trading?

Is it possible? Have someone tried it in past?

I know your mind started throwing series of questions to you.

Let me explain.

You often heard an advise from your mentor/books/internet to practice the meditation before trading or after trading. If you are doing that, continue doing that. I don't have issues in it.

But, I don't practice the meditation outside trading hours. I prefer doing meditation through trading.


To explain the process, I will introduce you to the Japan's traditional archery 🏹 named "Kyudo".

Why Kyudo?

For much of Japanese history, archery was considered to be the most important skill of the Samurai. It is been practicing for more than 2000 years.

For most practitioners, kyudo is an art and not a sport, and an archer’s attitude and dignity are often considered more important than actually hitting the target. A kyudo practitioner advances to the shooting place with slow and graceful movements, and lifts the bow above his or her head. They then draw back the string as they lower the bow until the arrow becomes level with their cheek. Finally, they release the arrow and let it fly towards the target. During this whole process, they focus completely, never once taking their eyes off the target. A sign of a good archer is that their concentration is so great that an aura of calmness and serenity seems to envelop them.

Target is small (usually 36 centimetres in diameter), and is placed 28 metres from the shooting place, so even hitting it is a big challenge. When an arrow does hit the target, practitioner remains calm without making any noise, They actually continue to do the process from step 1. And scores are based on how many arrows hit the target, not on how centrally they are placed.

Watch the Kyodo process. ( With more patience)

Do you watched the above Video fully? If not, watch fully and continue reading.

Have you observed, How Kyudo practitioners followed the process and remains calm. Did they played the sport? No.

Look again closely, they meditated the whole process. They blended their process with meditation.

The principles of kyudo are sometimes summarised as ‘truth, goodness and beauty’, where truth relates to shooting with a pure mind, goodness to a person’s character, and beauty to gracefulness and the refined etiquette of kyudo.

Trading is no different.

We have a process to follow, we have a target to hit.

Kyudo practitioners is not compete with others but with himself.

Traders are also same, We are not here to compete with others. We are trying to bring best out of us every single day.

So, Be like Kyudo practitioners. Without much complexity you can practice meditation through trading.

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