The Best Trading Book for you!

I am getting a lot for messages in social media asking to suggest "The Best Trading Book"

Not only from new traders also from experienced traders.

In this article I will suggest you the best trading book exclusively for you!

Before my suggestion, Ask yourself, what you want to learn from "Trading Book"

- Where to enter into the trade?

- Where to keep Stoploss?

- Where to exit the trade?

- Risk Management

- Trading Psychology

- Mindset during trading.

These the important thing where most of the traders want to learn. Are you looking for the same?

Great, It is important to learn/know the above things to be a successful trader.

"Ohh ST, Don't drag too much, Suggest the "Best Trading book" dude" - I can hear your mindvoice :)


I'm not going to suggest the "Best trading book" for you. Why?

You remember last time how you argued with your friend for "Best film". Your friend's favorite "Best film' looks worst for you.

Same applies here, Some trading book looks best for me, But it looks worst for you.

So what we will do, We are not going to search in the Internet. But, we are going to

create the "BEST TRADING BOOK"

How? is it possible?

Yes, It is possible. We are going create it and keep it in your computer folder.

We are not going to write this book in one single day.

From today, We are creating the "Best Trading Book"


By Journaling the charts. Not just marking entry and exit. Add more notes to the chart.

Here is my sample chart markings,

This is my style of marking my charts, You can add more possible notes to your charts, Which includes,

- Your emotions during the trade,

- Other trades emotions at the trading zones,

- Initial stoploss,

- Targets,

- Risk Reward,

- Entry

- Why trade wins/fails

- Lesson learnt from the trade.

Add more and more information to the chart and save it to your journal.

Keep doing this practice for 100 trading sessions. Read the charts during/post market hours. It will guide you what you want to do.

And more importantly, You have created "THE BEST TRADING BOOK EVER WRITTEN".

I will tell you the secret, All the trading books in the market was once the trading journal of the author.

Here is my "Best trading book"

So, Where is your "BEST TRADING BOOK"?

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