Who We Are?

They call us gamblers

They say we depend on luck and others trading tips

They claim that no one can beat the market and you are wasting your time

They say trading is not a real job and you should give up

But, Only we know,

We are the masters of the risk management,

We are the masters of handling the emotions,

We are the masters of uncertainty.

And, We eat what we hunt. Adapting to every best and worst situations.

We trade companies where others are working there,

We trade gold where others are looking for jewellery ads.

We trade currencies where others are just circulating the currency.

Others are fearing to take a risk because of fear in risk.


We take losses, We talk about losses. We know how to overcome the losses. We rebound from our losses. Those are our redefining moments.

We are more,


Self aware

Risk managers



Goal oriented

Result driven


Already we are what others always wished they could be.

And we are coming out of the shadows and knows the reality.

And We Are Traders! To be more precise,

We are Simple Trader's!

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