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Why Indicators are available for free of cost?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I keep asking this question to me right from the day one. During my initial days I couldn't find the answer for it. So I stopped asking it and started trading with indicators. ​ Trust me, I used all the indicators in my trading terminal right from the moving averages to Gann indicators. I made money in few trades, I lost money in many trades. I hate this. I don't to want switch to one indicator to another and change my trading setup and approach for new indicator.

I started thinking how I can be a better trader and make money consistently. Stopped trading for few weeks, Started reading books. (Back then there was only limited number of YouTube videos, Now every Tom, Harry & dick became an youtuber and uploading eye catching videos with their luxurious life style). ​ I started reading plenty of trading books, psychology books to change my trading style. I was introduced to chart patterns price action method. I was very excited at that time, shouting alone thinking I cracked the market. And I cannot control myself to take a trade without an indicator. Monday arrived, I started my trading with newly learned chart patterns price action method. I took few good trades. The real game started again, I stopped out multiple time because of fake breakout, false breakout, pattern failure and in many ways. I started worrying again. ​ What's Next?

Fortunately, I met my mentor based out of UAE, He was my boss at that time. He changed my view of market. That doesn't change in a day or two. I travelled him alot. He equiped me each and every day. He introduced to me to the world of trading reality. He showed me how to analyze the price chart from other traders mindset without any indicators, chart patterns or any special software's. He explained me with a Simple price chart with full of logics. From then, I using the same approach without any modification. I got out from random trades. Now, I know what I'm doing & I know what other traders are doing. This is my edge. This is I am. This is Simple Trader.

I wish everyone of you to become a Simple Trader, by doing simple things.

Together We Grow!

PS: If you still don't the answer for the Title "Why trading indicators are available free of cost?" Keep asking yourself again, If you cannot find the logical answer, ST is just a tap way :)